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Carlsbad law firm protects your property interests

Legal Objective in Carlsbad, California helps with real estate matters throughout San Diego County, including litigation representation for disputes over property. We are highly experienced in all aspects of commercial and residential real estate and can assist with everything from zoning and permitting to contracts to sales transactions.


Nothing is more concerning then the potential loss of you home to foreclosure.  Our firm has saved thousands of clients from the loss of their homes.  We provide realistic solutions for those facing foreclosure.  It is true, not every home can be saved.  When the loss is inevitable we can help our clients gain control over the timing.

Resolving boundary and easement disputes

As property changes hands, knowledge of where exactly the property begins and ends is often lost. When it is being sold and a land survey is done, problems can be discovered. For example, a structure may have been built on land thought to be entirely on one person’s property when in fact half the building is on one property and half on the other property. Uncertainties can also arise concerning the legality and extent of an easement, by which someone exercises a right of way or other limited use on another’s property. We can make sure that property surveys are accurate and up to date, and arrange for new surveys if needed.

Handling land use, zoning and permitting issues

Although you own a piece of property, you may be surprised to discover that you’re not entitled to do anything you want on it. Assuming your property is inside city limits, it is part of a zone, and each zone in a municipality has an intended purpose. Your use of the property must conform to that purpose or you must obtain a variance for a nonconforming use. Alterations or extensions of a building require permits and other governmental authorizations. We help commercial and residential real estate developers execute their visions and individual property owners use their property without being hindered by local zoning boards.

Drafting and reviewing real estate contracts

Our Carlsbad firm is highly experienced in all facets of commercial and residential real estate contracting. We can draft documents from scratch to address every part of a unique transaction, or we are available to review documents that have been provided to you as part of a deal. In either situation, our goal is to discover and remedy potential issues now, in the contract phase, so they do not lead to costly litigation in the future.

Avoiding future disputes by ensuring your title is clear

Title is one of the most overlooked aspects of any real estate deal. Both sides are excited to conclude a transaction, but title disputes can derail the whole process. We seek to protect all parties and their interests by:

  • Conducting title searches and examinations
  • Resolving issues such as encumbrances, easements and forgeries
  • Arranging proper title insurance
  • Drafting deeds that conform to verified title descriptions

Addressing title work up front is advantageous and gives everyone peace of mind.

Representing clients in commercial property transactions

Buying and selling commercial property is more complicated than buying a house. The amounts of money can be very significant, there could be corporate ownership stakes, leasing and tenant issues to plan for, environmental impact studies to complete and more. We are able to negotiate high-stakes commercial transactions and mitigate risk in the process.

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